Asset Optimisation

The Clients

  • Owners or managers of existing power generation assets

The value from Reliance Energy

  • Up to the minute expertise
    Power generation is constantly evolving.  Few organisations that own or manage an existing asset have the time or skill-set required to understand the sector’s latest developments.  Typically, our clients own or manage an asset that was built with a specific purpose in mind, but which now needs realignment if they are to secure maximum income.  We review clients’ generation facilities in the light of current energy incentives and regulations to ensure the best possible financial return.
  • Income stream evaluation
    Clients may be unaware of the range of income streams that could be developed using their asset.  Our knowledge of power generation technology and the possibilities it offers allows us to put forward propositions best suited for each client and location.  We evaluate the impact of any new income streams on the organisation’s core operation and work with the client to establish new running approaches and processes, as well as to negotiate revised contracts with power providers.
  • Investment
    New income streams may necessitate additional investment. At Reliance Energy we can help unlock those income streams by working to secure investment for our clients.

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