Development Services

The Clients

  • Farmers and landowners, or their agents, seeking to utilise land for energy production
  • Development organisations that wish to build energy related assets
  • Local authorities looking to ensure supply security for their area

The value from Reliance Energy

  • Technology
    We determine which generating technology should be developed, help find land, secure funding and liaise regarding grid connections.
  • Income
    Our deep understanding of the regulatory context and the offerings of energy suppliers means that we can evaluate the many available income streams and recommend the right path for each client.
  • Strategy
    Running assets at key times is imperative if incomes are to be secured. We formulate a running schedule strategy that gives our clients on-target income.
  • Negotiation
    Contract negotiations with the National Grid, the Electricity Market Reform Delivery body and commercial Power Purchase Agreement providers are often complex and always demand a high level of industry specific knowledge. We take this burden away from our clients, ensuring a mutually beneficial outcome.
  • Asset Management
    All clients want assurance that their facility will continue to run, at the times it needs to, for the whole of its development life. Our asset management services provide a true reassurance of longevity.

If you are a farmer, landowner, agent, developer or local authority involved in an
energy project, at whatever stage, we would like to hear from you. Contact us today.

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