New Technology Trials

The Clients

  • Innovators in the energy sector

The value from Reliance Energy

  • The business case
    Emerging technologies in the energy sector are opening up exciting opportunities for both innovators and investors.  However, before funding can be secured, potential investors will want to know that the regulatory framework and the potential income stream have been carefully evaluated.  Our pragmatic consultancy services bring insight, expertise and clarity to the due diligence process, helping to create a foundation upon which services can be delivered to market quickly and successfully.
  • The project interface
    During the development phase we will create running approaches and undertake commercial negotiations to ensure all incomes can be realised during the trial, thus reflecting a true picture of income generation over the life of the project.
  • The system in trial
    Our network of existing generation sites offers innovators access to technology and facilities that will help speed up the development process and reduce overheads.

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